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Arab States Trade Promotion and Matchmaking!

China Changchun Roundss Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2016/8/27   Browse:692

Algeria's land area ranks highest in African countries, the crown and the crown of the Mediterranean countries of the Arab countries, ranked 10th worldwide. Land on the verge of the Mediterranean Sea, east of Libya, Tunisia, southeast and south, respectively, Niger, Mali and Mauritania, bordering the west and is connected to Morocco. Seoul and Elijah economies of scale in Africa in fourth place, after South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt. Oil and natural gas are the backbone of the national economy of Azerbaijan. Algeria is the world's fifth natural gas reserves, the second largest gas exporter worldwide. Oil reserves of the world's fourteenth.


Algerian natural gas, airports, ports, infrastructure, stable situation, favorable conditions for foreign investment in Algeria, rich human resources, young population, a convenient way air and sea transport, and fair competition.
Comoros emphasis on economic investment, set up a committee of agriculture tourism industry in developing countries. Energy and electricity supply contract bank education and health. Aiji junction of Asia, Africa and Europe, construction, agriculture, financial services, heavy industry, tourism and steady economic development, the Government has established many policies, rich human resources, over the past few years, economic problems, but a gradual recovery. Jordan's investment environment, the Middle East's most important, is located at the junction of Asia, Africa and Europe, has its own characteristics, high leadership, tariff reductions and other policies, and attaches great importance to tourism.
Palestinian economic situation special, occupation half a century, a lot of things to listen to Israel's port is limited, the big challenge, very difficult, agriculture, industry, trade, tourism, lack of natural resources, to overcome the difficulties and challenges of the current situation!
Sudan, good development of animal husbandry, grassland, Nile, oil inventories, steel, eliminating tariffs, agricultural dairy husbandry, the capital of Kashi wood ten industrial zones, packaging, brick, granite, leather, pharmaceuticals, glue, exports 80% the amount of Nile tourism developed areas.

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