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The sensor apply to recycling!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-08-28   Browse:297

Today, even retailers pay attention to the recycling, sorting and recycling of packaging materials. These materials typically include used PET bottles and containers as well as a large number of cardboard packages. When dealing with waste products, the Factory uses photoelectric sensors to provide functional safety support for automated sorting and waste handling systems.

These containers are placed on pallets and sorted through multiple paths of the system and automatically emptied. Finally, the emptied “collapsible container” is also automatically folded, piled and dished up. Before the sorting system was put into operation, the work was completely relied on labor. It is not only take a long time, but also a real "hard work."

Since huge amounts of PET and cardboard waste are disposed of here, paper dust causes serious plant contamination or label residue on PET containers is almost unavoidable. Laser sensors can solve these problems. Mirror-reflective sensors do not require a reflector. Instead, any part of the machine is used to form a beam loop. When the beam loop is blocked by the object, the sensor is triggered. Be used for the pallet when moving through the sorting system. Reflectors are not required, saving all installation and configuration costs. Most importantly, in the harsh environment of the sorting system, such a weak component that is easily damaged by pollution is eliminated.

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