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Absolute encoders are used to control the radar angle of elevation on warships!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-11-01   Browse:727

Customers need a single-turn absolute encoder to control the radar's corner and elevation. For night vision radar on the Gulf of Aden escort, RS485 signal output is required. Because it is used on warships and requires sea work through the equator, the requirements of the opponent on the top of the protection level and temperature are very high, so the requirements on the degree of protection and sealing are very strict, and it is difficult to find satisfaction in the domestic market. Domestic encoders with the above performance requirements. Because customers are used on domestic warships, they are not inclined to use foreign products.
Solution: After discussing the details of the specific problem with the customer, a solution was proposed to the customer. Using a 13-bit resolution RS485 signal output absolute angle encoder, our company will test the temperature of the encoder to achieve Customer requirements - After 4 hours of 80 °C high temperature test, the encoder can still work normally. The customer came to the site to witness the high temperature resistance of this type of encoder. Compared with foreign encoders, the main advantages of domestic encoders are:
1. Unique RS485 signal free protocol output function, foreign encoders are not available in the domestic market
2. The sealing performance is good, the protection level is higher than similar products, the temperature range is wider, and the temperature impact is large.
3. The after-sales service is timely and comprehensive. The technical staff can communicate with the customer in time to visit and communicate with the technical staff of the other technical department. The domestic encoder fully satisfies the high temperature of the customer's equatorial sea environment. The application requirements of high humidity and high salt make the absolute value encoder break the foreign monopoly, and the application in military industry has made new breakthroughs.

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