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Phase alignment of incremental encoders!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-11-13   Browse:689

The output signal of the incremental encoder is a square wave signal, which can be divided into an incremental encoder with a commutation signal and a conventional incremental encoder. The ordinary incremental encoder has a two-phase orthogonal square wave. Pulse output signals A and B, and zero-bit signal Z; Incremental encoder with commutation signal, in addition to the ABZ output signal, also has an electronic commutation signal UVW with 120 degrees difference between each other, and the number of cycles per revolution of UVW It is consistent with the number of poles of the motor rotor.

The alignment of the phase of the UVW electronic commutation signal with the incremental encoder with the commutation signal and the phase of the rotor pole, or the phase of the electrical angle are as follows:

1. Use a DC power supply to pass the DC winding of the motor to a DC current less than the rated current, U in, V out, and direct the motor shaft to an equilibrium position;

2. Observe the U phase signal and Z signal of the encoder with an oscilloscope;

3. Adjust the relative position of the encoder shaft and the motor shaft;

4. While adjusting, observe the U-phase signal edge of the encoder and the Z signal until the Z signal is stable at a high level (in this case, the normal state of the Z signal is low), and lock the encoder to the motor. Positional relationship;

5. Reverse the motor shaft back and forth. After the hand is released, if the motor shaft is free to return to the equilibrium position each time, the Z signal can be stabilized at the high level, and the alignment is effective.

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