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Proper installation of the encoder can improve device performance!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-11-29   Browse:732

The photoelectric encoder belongs to one of the special ones in the encoder. In its use, the digital sensor integrating light collecting, machine and electric technology realizes high-precision measurement by the change of displacement amount, and according to the different displacement measuring methods, photoelectric The encoder is divided into two types of encoders, rotary and ruler. Rongde Optics introduces the correct installation of the encoder to improve the performance of the device.

The aspects to be aware of when installing the encoder are as follows:

First, mechanical aspects

The so-called mechanical aspect refers to the reasonable installation according to the basic properties of the photoelectric encoder, because the photoelectric encoder belongs to high-precision mechanical equipment. If the mechanical installation is not properly connected, it will definitely affect the encoder data measurement, so it is required in terms of machinery. Notice these points:

1. In order to ensure the precision of the connection between the encoder shaft and the output end, it is necessary to connect with the elastic material. The reason why the soft material is used is mainly to avoid the mutual movement between the shaft and the shaft, and also for the way the encoder code disc appears. Damaged and protected.

2. When the photoelectric encoder is connected with other equipment, it is forbidden to knock or collide between the accessories. Although the accessories used in the encoder are mainly made of steel, the hardness is strong, but it is necessary to know whether the impact between steel and steel is still Will cause damage to each other.

3, the connection between the shaft and the shaft, not only need to pay attention to whether the two match, but also pay attention to whether the rated load between the shaft and the shaft.

4. After the mechanical installation is completed, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the fixed parts to see if there are any omissions and where there is looseness.

Second, the environmental aspects

In view of the fact that the photoelectric encoder is a precision instrument, if the magnetic field is too strong or the vibration source is too strong, it will have a certain influence on the measurement data. In addition, it is necessary to check the ambient temperature and humidity.

Third, electrical aspects

Mainly the connection between the lines, the line connection complies with the following requirements:

1. The power supply voltage needs to be within the rated voltage of the equipment.

2. The lines connecting the photoelectric encoders cannot be entangled with each other.

3. Make a selection of shielded cables.

In the installation of photoelectric encoders, it is necessary to start from the environmental, electrical and mechanical aspects. Simply speaking, each step of installation must be built on the own properties of the encoder.

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