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Gas station encoder on-site maintenance guide!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2019-01-08   Browse:734

Gas station in the use of the tanker encoder (sensor), when the gun prompts 61, 62, 63, 64, etc., it should be repaired in time. Please familiarize yourself with the performance of the encoders in the gas station. Once all the fuel dispensers are prompted, they will be repaired in the following areas, so as not to affect the normal operation of the oil station.

First, raise the gun prompt 61, the motor does not open
This message indicates that the tax control and encoder bidirectional authentication failed.

Second, raise the gun prompt 62
This message indicates a communication error between the encoder and the tanker's main board.

Third, raise the gun prompt 63 oil more than three times.

Fourth, raise the gun prompt 64, the motor does not open; or hang gun tips 64
This information indicates that the fueling is abnormal (the oil quantity deviation exceeds ±6%). If the warning is 64 when the gun is hung, it means that the fueling is abnormal, and the previous fueling abnormality is at least 3 times; if the gun is prompted 64, it means that the fueling is abnormally exceeded. 5 times, the tanker has been locked.

Fifth,the gun is displayed normally, the motor does not open, and it is impossible to refuel.
This kind of phenomenon occurs because the measurement and tax control communication fails or the pulse fails.

Sixth,the motor stops abnormally during the refueling process.
 The occurrence of such a phenomenon is generally caused by an abnormality in the refueling process, which causes the tax control or meter to automatically shut down the motor.
 For automatic shutdown of metering, please consult the fuel dispenser manufacturer's technical staff. For automatic shutdown of tax control, you can follow the steps below to find it.

Seventh, raise the gun and refuel, take the oil but do not show the amount of oil
 This kind of phenomenon is normal after the gun is lifted, and the motor is turned on to refuel, but there is no oil display on the display.
There are several reasons for this. Common causes are loose wiring or wire sequence errors, which cause the metering chip to not count the oil.

Eighth, refueling is not allowed
 This phenomenon can be refueled after lifting the gun, and the display has oil quantity data display, but the actual fueling amount does not match the displayed oil quantity when measuring accuracy (exceeding the specified accuracy range). The metering accuracy of the tanker depends on the flowmeter, flow measuring transducer, encoder, metering board and other components and the connection between them. Once a problem occurs in any part or link, it may affect the metering accuracy of the tanker. The problem of inaccurate refueling caused by the encoder is mostly due to loose wiring and incorrect line sequence. It does not rule out that the encoder cable is broken or the encoder is faulty.

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