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REN58U elevator encoder equivalent to Heidenhain ERN1387!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2021-01-05   Browse:386

In China's huge high-rise elevator applications, permanent magnet synchronous torque motors are widely used in high-rise elevators due to their small size, large output torque, and high-efficiency direct drive mode. The total number of permanent magnet synchronous servo elevators in the market has been Up to millions of units. And this kind of permanent magnet synchronous torque motor, like other servo motors, needs to be equipped with an encoder for signal feedback. For more than ten years, more than half of the encoders of this specification have been exclusively marketed by Heidenhain's ERN1387, and the national holdings are millions. Such an encoder is in operation, and the ENR1387 encoder single step elevator martial arts has been the boss for fifteen years! A small number of similar products from Japan's Tamagawa also entered later, and other foreign brands only accounted for a small proportion, and no localized encoders could enter this market. As an elevator traction machine manufacturer, it has sought to break the monopoly of Heidenhain ERN1387 in many ways, hoping that more manufacturers can supply it to form price competition and reduce costs, and even localized encoders can be substituted. However, the alternative trials of encoders of other brands (including some famous foreign brands) could not achieve the results of ERN1387 due to various technical reasons, and various alternative attempts were not ideal.

At present, our company has developed a new and replaceable new model REN58U, which can completely replace HEIDENHAIN ERN1387. 2048ppr, sine and cosine output, and applied to elevator traction machine. Please see the link for details. If you have any requirements, please contact us.

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