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Encoders for Wind Power Generation!

China Changchun Roundss Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2015-01-06   Browse:5303



Rounss absolute encoder with SSI interface Gray code output can replace HEIDENHAIN EQN425

Absolute value encoder, high-precision, all-digital, no external batteries, no signal interference, no zero drift

SSI digital output, the fastest clock can be set 1MHz, high-speed, high-precision control

Wide operating voltage, low current consumption

German version of 24, 25-bit SSI encoder replaceable


Each pitch drive system of wind power is equipped with an absolute encoder mounted on the non-drive end of the motor (motor tail). And a redundant absolute encoder is mounted on the side of pitch bearing teeth of the blade root. It records the pitch angle through the meshing pitch between a small gear and variable pitch blade bearing inner teeth. Fan master receives all the encoder signal, and pitch system only receive the encoder signal from rear motor.  When the encoder in rear of motor failures, fan master will control the pitch systemof wind power to receive redundancy encoder signals.


Variable pitch blade system of wind power based on the wind speed automatically adjust the angle between the blade and the wind to achieve a constant speed of wind turbine; By using of aerodynamics, fan could be shutdowm by making the blade feathering with 90 ° parallel to the wind direction. Pitch position feedback system fault protection: In order to verify the availability and accuracy of the redundancy encoder , pitch angle signals collected from each blade configuration of two encoders are compared  in real-time. The condition for a good redundant encoders is that the angle between the deviation should be less than 2 °; In addition to system power-down, when any of the following fault occurs, all axes cabinet hardware system should ensure that the three blades at a rate of 10 ° / s to 90 ° and shifted paddle parallel to the wind direction, the fan stops. No matter any encoder fails or the measuring result from the two encoders on each blade exceed the specified value has two encoders threshold measurement bias fault; any blade pitch angle deviation exceeds 2 °;  hardware system in security chain or release circuit fails; any system emergency stop command.

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