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Encoders in CNC Machine Tools Application!

China Changchun Roundss Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2015-01-06   Browse:7093

Roundss Encoder provides kinds of rotary encoders, which are applied to CNC machine tools.


1.Universal CNC spindle encoder


Roundss manufactures wide ranges of rotary encoders, including solid shaft encoder, hollow shaft encoders for CNC machine spindle application. These Cnc spindle incremental encoders are rugged and reliable with wonderful performance. Open collector output, pushpull output, line driver output and voltage output are optional. Wide resolution range from 20 to 5000 or higher is available to meet customer’s requirement.

Universal CNC spindle encoder Link:




2.Manual Pulse Generator


Roundss Manual Pulse Generator (also called MPG,handy MPG, MPG pendent,Electronic handwheel, handwheel unit, CNC handwheel)are widely applied in CNC machine tool applications.

Compared with other brands of Manual Pulse Generator, Roundss MPG has the following characteristics:
1.Metal housing handwheel unit with inside metal gear
2.Oilproof and waterproof plastic handy pendent
4.Long life
5.3 meter spiral cable
6.Compatible with international cnc systems:FANUC,SIMENSE, SKY,KND,FAGOR and so on.
7.Multiple model for different applications.
8.Emergency stop switch and reset switch optional
9.2,4,5,6 Axes optional
10.Inching function available

Our partner: YUNAN machine tools, BAOJI machine tools, SHENGYANG the first machine tools, Beijing FANUC, Rexroth.

Hand wheel Link:

Handy MPG link:



3.Optical big hollow shaft spindle encoder


The new type optical large hollow shaft spindle encoders replaced the traditional universal spindle encoders now. Although its size is big, it is with hollow shaft design,which could directly mount to the customer’s CNC spindle. It has the advantage of a good concentricity. At the same time, the life time for the new type optical large hollow shaft spindle encoder is really long. Compared to universal spindle encoder with one or two year life, it could be used ten years or more.

Optical big hollow shaft spindle encoder link:


4 linear scale, DRO and couplings


linear scale link:

DRO link:

Flexible couplings:



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