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Encoders for Textile Machines!

China Changchun Roundss Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2015-01-06   Browse:5655


Roundss sensors and encoders could scan of a wide range of necessary measuring values in textile machinery in a reliable and intelligent way.

For example, incremental encoders could be used to detect speed at shafts and spindles;


Optical encoder and magnetic encoder could be applied on calculation of speed ratio, thread length measurement during rewinding or cloth length measurement at knitting machines;


The photoelectric sensors could control the yarn bobbin diameter and cloth width.


UCS38S/UCS38H/UCS40S/UCS40H encoders are mostly applied in textile machinery. These series economical industrial encoders are with small size and low cost, which also ensure high precision and energy efficient.


RCC25S/RCC30S/RCC38S encoders output A,B,Z three channels, which meets more requirement of users.

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