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Pull Inspection standard 1!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-09-27   Browse:917

 Total name:Stripping
 Operation number:5
 Process content:crimping
 Version: A/1 
 issue date: 20180225
 Revision date: 20180305
Input parts: Part No/specification: 
                     Quantity :
Pull inspection:
As the picture shows :
1.First set the terminal
2.Cut off the insulation crimp of the terminal.
Locked on terminal in rally meter card position
Lock the wire 
in rally meter line clip
Operation method:
1.As shown in Figure 1; operating at the specified length as shown in the figure, in one cycle, the pressing can not be loose.
2.As shown in Figure 2: The crimped terminal is tested with a puller, Comparison
process parameter table
3. Visual inspect the crimp terminal for obvious defects such as:
a. The wire is loose and not completely
rivet pressed.
b. Terminal deformation damage.
c.The strands extend beyond the terminals.
c The strands extend beyond the terminals.
Inspection standards:
According to the drawings, first middle and last piece inspection
Confirm method:
Visual inspection and meter
Confirm frequency: 10%
Operation tool: Puller
Process parameter:
Conductor nominal cross sectional area mm2 :
             Rally value N:
0.3-0.5                                                                       50
0.75-0.85                                                                   80
1.0-1.25                                                                    100
1.5-2.0                                                                      150
2.5-3.0                                                                      200
When ① or more terminals are connected to two or more wires at the same time, select the wire with the largest cross-section to measure the tension.

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