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Motor with encoder zero phase compensation method and deviceⅡ!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-09-29   Browse:884

In order to accurately obtain the servo motor with encoder zero phase relationship, summarizes the various encoder phase alignment method, these methods is given priority to with manual alignment, basic steps for alignment:

 (1) Directly input direct current to any two phases of the motor to lock the motor rotor at a fixed position. The electrical angle of the locked position of the motor rotor can be determined according to the phase sequence and direction of the energization.

(2) Artificial side manually adjust the encoder and the relative position of motor rotor, and use the debugging tools, such as an oscilloscope, a device that can display the encoder feedback data, observe the encoder zero mark, when the zero mark appears on the debugging tool. , the encoder shaft is fixed on the rotor of the motor to complete the phase alignment.
The artificial looking for zero and calibration is laborious, and the consistency of the corresponding encoder zero calibration precision. Then, the various design for different encoder zero apparatus.
With UVW hall signals of incremental encoder design phase alignment for servo drive, using multiple phase alignment selection switch control steps, using multiple LED display signal, can be used to display the signal state, allowing the encoder phase and rotor pole phase to be arbitrarily adjusted. Corresponding position, can drag the motor to run, the operation is relatively simple, improve the production efficiency and phase accuracy, but verify the encoder signal is correct before the zero calibration, and the zero calibration result is not verified.
Design support for incremental and absolute encoders, dedicated zero meter, friendly interface, parameter can be set up, but not before zero calibration verification each encoder signal correctly, also does not have validated the result of the zero calibration

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