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Design of photoelectric encoder detector based on Arduino development environment!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-10-11   Browse:306

This paper introduces a photoelectric encoder detector based on Arduino's new integrated development environment. In order to quickly and easily judge the quality of the photoelectric encoder, the communication control between the Arduino board and the programmable intelligent liquid crystal touch display terminal is realized. The accurate counting of the photoelectric encoder signal can be judged as good or bad.

Arduino is an electronic product development platform based on single-chip system. Its software and hardware systems are highly modular, and the software system is completely open source. The hardware system is also highly modular. There are digital input/output modules on the periphery of the core control board, various analog sensor input modules, input modules for bus sensors, and network communication modules. Arduino has its own unique features. Programming language. The syntax rules similar to C / C ++ language, the language environment and the IDE microcontroller with hardware-related parameters are parameterized and a very good package, the ports are packed, registers, address pointers and the like substantially do not control, Greatly reduced the difficulty of software development. Therefore, developers can be programmed without knowing their hardware structure to realize the designer's design intent and creativity.

This paper proposes a design scheme of photoelectric encoder detector based on Arduino development environment, which can judge the quality of photoelectric encoder and realize the pulse counting when the photoelectric encoder rotates forward and reverse.

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