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Application of incremental encoder in intelligent control textile machine!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-10-15   Browse:304

 The balance of the textile mechanism of the intelligent textile machine is of great significance for improving the reliability of the work of the components and reducing the vibration, especially the noise in the textile production. In addition to the application of parts used in general machinery manufacturing, textile machines are also widely used in a series of special parts and mechanisms with unbalanced quality. In most cases, the parts with unbalanced quality are in the textile machine. The main body, and only intrinsic on the textile machine. The motor is an intrinsic part of a smart-controlled textile machine. The monitoring of the motor shaft is an important technology, and the incremental encoder can meet the application of the textile industry.
   The incremental encoder is a high-precision metering grating as a detecting element, and converts the input angular position information into a corresponding pulse or digital code detecting device by photoelectric conversion technology.
   Incremental encoders consist of LED light sources, grating pairs, Photoelectric receiver, spindles, electronic processing circuits and more. The grating pair is composed of a main grating code disc and an indicating grating as a main detecting unit of the photoelectric encoder; the code disc is fixed on the main shaft, and the other components are fixed as the main shaft rotates synchronously.
Incremental encoders are high performance, low cost optical encoders. The chip is suitable for small and medium-sized servo motors and has a FW-LensVT principle and can be used at -25 ° C to 100 ° C. The encoder signal output has (A&B) two orthogonal signals and zero signal, and the motor magnetic pole position signals U, V, W. The encoder has excellent switching precision and high response speed, which makes the encoder become a textile machine. One of the ideal choices for servo motor position detection.

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