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How to use the oscilloscope to see the incremental encoder square wave pulse signal waveform?!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-10-16   Browse:726

Look at the incremental encoder square wave pulse signal test content with an oscilloscope:
1. The incremental encoder signal is connected to the signal waveform distortion at the back end of the long-distance signal cable.
2. When the incremental encoder A/B is the same, connect the load and connect to the oscilloscope to see the waveform diagram;
3. Under the requirements of the above 1, and in the incremental encoder connected to the motor in the high-speed state to see the waveform distortion;
4.Observe the waveform:
5.Conclusion: The encoder signal is transmitted at 3000 rpm and 100 meters signal cable. The signal has long-distance transmission capability and good anti-interference. It can still clearly identify the A/B signal and can be used.

The thickness of the cable core is only for the current, and twisted-pair shielding (even double-layer shielding) is only for external influences. In fact, the encoder signal (ABZ) itself undergoes physical changes during conduction and reception. In the conduction process, due to the influence of line capacitance and inductance and material on wave energy absorption, the waveform will be distorted; the above physical changes in the internal signals of the cable conduction and receiving ends, as the length of the cable length is lengthened, or the influence of external interference, the more the distortion will be The more serious it is, the more complicated the waveform will be, and finally the inaccuracy of receiving the pulse signal at the receiving end.
Most of the incremental encoder signals are square wave high frequency pulse signals. Such signals do not require simple wire diameter and twisted pair shielding for the incremental encoder signal cable, but for the line capacitance, inductance and material. The absorption and reflection of wave energy and signal cables must be specially designed and tested.

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